Trendy App Designs for 2017 for better Mobile App Solutions

Trendy App Designs for 2017 for better Mobile App Solutions
Trendy App Designs for 2017 for better Mobile App Solutions

Trends in mobile app design constantly witness changes according to the users’ requirement and app features. Designers have to stay updated with the latest trend happening in the mobile UI design. From still to motion design, users are now experiencing trending designs that gives an impressive experience for a longer period. In fact, new age people give more preference to those apps which are easy to use and solve their problem instantly.

At Technology Mindz, we constantly research on latest UI designs for Windows, iOS, and Android for complete mobile app solutions in a simplified way. Let us now check the what 2017 has in stores for mobile app design:

Upgrading UI for Gesture Ability

The latest we see is the upgrade of UI for gesture features which is added with respect to user usability and retention. In 2017, experienced a mobile app development company would largely focus on creating an app which is more content-focused and user interactive. Gestures are divided into two parts- Touch Mechanics and Touch Activities.

Touch Mechanic is something that our finger does on the screen like- double touch, force touch, two finger touch, etc. Touch Activities, on the other hand, is the result we get after touch mechanics.

Material Design to Continue

In 2016, Material Design proved to be the best feature and is going to be trending in 2017 too. The design helps to simplify user engagement, irrespective of the mobile platforms. It uses techniques like gradients, shadows, 3D effects and a few others. The best examples are- Google Maps, Google Dive, YouTube, etc.

Touch ID Feature

Initially, the Touch ID technology was limited to unlocking the device, but as the app designs started getting trendier, the feature is now used for the app. Now the Touch ID verifies the account in Apple Pay, Amazon, Google, etc. In fact, the Touch ID has made the process of account verification easy and faster.

Flat Design 2.0

In the early stage of this design, designers found some flaws, which triggered the release of Flat Design 2.0. The 2.0 version is now more like a material design having packed with gradients and 3D effects. In the year 2017, more and more mobile version sites and apps will adapt Flat Design 2.0 to improve the UI and remains compatible.

Customization is the Key Factor

App users love the customization features to get a great using experience. App designers are now adopting and designing on entertainment designs that can be customized as per the app. Such apps allow users to engage with funny messages and notifications.

Technology Mindz, placing itself in the top mobile app development company understands how UI designs are going to shape the mobile app future in 2017. Keeping this in mind, the designing team works hard to get the best result as per the trend.


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