iOS or Android OS – Who Will Lead Mobile Apps World in Future?

iOS or Android OS – Who Will Lead Mobile Apps World in Future?
iOS OR Android OS – Who Will Lead Mobile Apps World in Future

The epic battle between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android is ending no time soon! On one end there is the Android OS platform targeting a universal range of customers with its extensive list of devices distributed over a broad price range. While, on the other is the iOS platform that targets a premium customer base and serves as a base for its own product offerings (iPad, iPhone, iWatch).

Android and iPhone are the main contributors of the smartphone market, with Android serving 86% of the total smartphone share. iOS and Android operating systems also serve as great business development platforms with their individual app markets, giving rise to another battle – Android application development Vs iOS app development.

So, here we have drawn a comparison between Apple iOS and Google Android to find which is a more capable business development platform and who is going to win the battle in the future:

  1. Popularity

    The smartphone market is regularly growing and the recent statistics reveal a growth of 4.3 percent per year. Both Android and iPhone are the major contributors of the smartphone market, but Android holds a greater market share of 86%. This evidence reveals the huge popularity of Android OS. Therefore, Android application developers can help you target a larger customer base than top iPhone app developers.

  2. Functionality

    One of the main reasons for the popularity of Android OS over iOS is its user-friendly functionality. Android OS is developed such to feature a purely intuitive usage functionality for each of its users and iPhone on the other end is bound to its superior user interface and standard design parameters. This is also a reason why many smartphone app development companies suggest Android for a feature-rich app solution.

  3. Future Technologies for Mobile App Development Companies

    Apple has always been ahead of Google in terms of innovation and therefore promises an early support for future technologies as compared to Android. Top iPhone app developers had employed technologies like cloud computing and AR and VR way early as compared to Android. With this, iOS shows greater support for IoT as compared to Android devices.

  4. Return On Investment of Android Application Development Vs iPhone App Development

    As the statistics say, on an average an iOS app promises 85% greater return on investment as compared to an Android app solution. The statistics further report that App Store promises 45% greater in-app purchase per user as compared to Google Play Store.

  5. Paid App Downloads

    Apple iOS serves a premium quality customer base and thus the paid app download percentage per user for Apple is greater than that for Android. With this, an average iPhone user is 10% more likely to make an in-app purchase than an Android user.
    Android can surely leverage you with the perks of a huge customer base, but iOS promises you a greater ROI per user. Both have their own merits and demerits, so it is still hard to decide that who would lead in the future. With this, you can avail result-oriented Android application development services by connecting with us at – [email protected].

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