Everything you should know about Android O Developer

Everything you should know about Android O Developer
Everything you should know about Android O Developer

So finally, Google releases its long-awaited Android O Developer Preview, the new age version of the operating system. Exactly, a year ago, Google announced the first preview of Android Nougat. The major difference between N and O preview is the search engine company made the over-the-air updates of Android N available for users to give it a try. Presently, the Android O is available as a developer preview and user having the supporting device can install it.

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Coming back to the preview, this blog discusses what exactly Android O Developer Preview brings to its users.

Still in a Developing Stage

According to the Google, this new developer preview is not fully developed and there’s still plenty of stabilization work lingering. Due to its early status, the first version of Android O won’t be rolling out the Android Beta. Instead, Google rolled it for Nexus 5X, 6P, Player, and Pixel versions. Overall, this developer preview isn’t for public consumption and beta users.

Some Added Features

Google continues to tweak some core features in the operating system. Some of the interesting updates in Android O Developer Preview are:

Notifications: The new feature named is Notification Channels, by which the Android App developer will be able to group notifications from apps into groups. With this, users can manage notifications based upon channels.

Multi-Display Support: This new exciting feature works on new kind of devices and Android on Chrome OS. Using this feature, developers will be able to launch different activities on remote display

New Wi-Fi Features: The Android O Developer Preview comes with added features for Wi-Fi. The new feature comes with Neighborhood Aware Networking (NAN) which allows devices and apps to connect without the need of internet access.

Better Battery Life

The major concern for a smartphone user is the battery life of the device, and Android O puts a big priority for battery life and interactive performance. Google plans by adding “Automatic Limits” to cover the background activity of apps in three major areas- Implicit Broadcasts, Background Services, and Location Updates.

For a mobile app development company like Technology Mindz, this new Android O Preview will be helpful while working Java Language APIs. We at Technology Mindz will update our clients and customer regarding the pushing of this revolutionary feature from Google.


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