5 Best Android Oreo Unique Features From The Army Of Android App Developers

5 Best Android Oreo Unique Features From The Army Of Android App Developers
Best Android Oreo Unique Features From The Army Of Android App Developers

Finally, the most awaited eighth major version of Android operating system is out with major changes that bolster user’s security and privacy. The army of the Android app developer of Google has revealed the latest version of a mobile phone known as Android 8.0 or Android Oreo. Visually there are very few changes in the Android Oreo, but at a functional level, several changes are observed.

Cool new features of Android 8.0

Here is the list of under-the-hood improvements available in Android 8.0 that every user will like.

1. Better battery backup:

The background processes are revamped in Android 8.0 as some apps work in totally different manner. Android application developers have paid special heed to restrict negative impact whenever a broadcast occurs by using special receivers and job schedulers. This ensures that app in the background work efficiently to get all things done perfectly while saving battery from futile drain.

2. Reorganized setting menu:

The second major change that catches first attention is refurbished Settings menu visually as well as usably. It features white background on dark gray text and simple and straightforward navigation menu. The best part is that side navigation menu is removed which was earlier available in Android Nougat.

3. Picture-in-Picture mode (PiP):

It is one of the flagship feature which was earlier present in Android TV, but not mobile. PiP enables user to keep watching a video in small floating window while using other Android apps. It is a simple free-form version of split screen that keeps video playing in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also drag it on the screen or tap on it once to turn it full screen or access playback controls.

4. Revamped Emoji:

The emoji library has taken whole place of blob-shaped smilies. Google has now come up with smart icons that are consistent in size and style. Moreover, Google has added gradient to each emoji making it more creative and charming.

5. Security comes first:

Android Oreo introduces enhanced security with Google Play Protect. It lets you know that the app you are going to install is certified safe from Google Play team or not. It scans several apps daily to ensure security status is in front and up to date. Thus, Android application development team has to produce apps that are safe and sound in usability.

Above mentioned unique features are few, but you will experience a bunch of other features also such as Autofill, snooze notifications, WiFi Assistant, Google VPN and much more. The icing on the cake is that it is made on a modular system which will offer faster updates and you cannot rely when Google will add or delete old or new features based on requirement. Time will tell us more!

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